Danske Kvinder i London

Danske Kvinder i London (Danish Women in London) chose the Danesoft web-solution for its ease of use


Colopia has chosen the Danesoft web-shop solution for its ease of use, advertising to market and web-sales

London Business School

London Business School has chosen Danesoft to undertake their annual School Survey.

Dolphin Dynamics

Dolphin Dynamics choses the WPS Web-solution from Danesoft

Boardman Bookings

One of the finest entertainment companies in the UK have chosen a web-solution from Danesoft. Boardman Bookings increased their presense more than 20 fold - on the web through their solution.

Danesoft in the Press

Danesoft has been in the press most recently in the Fresh Produce Journal

Jensen Associates interviewed about Danesoft's WPS system

Carsten Jensen of Jensen Associates was interviewd by Fresh Produce Journal about the benefits of using the Danesoft WPS system.

Managing Director Christian Ingerslev interviewed by Red ...

Managing Director Christian Ingerslev was interviewed by the Danish & UK Chamber of Commerce Red Letter Magazine

Business Advantage Group choses The Survey System

The Business Advantage Group has chosen a full Survey System solution including the advanced CATI for their business