What is The Survey System?


The Survey System began in 1984 as a survey tool designed to meet the needs of companies, universities or individuals who were conducting quantitative or qualitative surveys. It is a professional and advanced product which is being continually enhanced and offers excellent value for money. It is build by researchers for researchers.

All types of Surveys are covered:

  • Paper Surveys
  • Key Punch Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys (CATI available)
  • E-mail Surveys
  • Web Surveys
  • PDA Surveys - approved by Microsoft for Microsoft Pocket PCs.

All types of questions can be processed:

  • Multiple Choice & Enhanced Multiple Choice
  • Numeric
  • Answer Grid
  • Verbatim

Advanced Functions include:

  • 19 Interview logic functions
  • 3 different functions to analyse verbatim
  • Advanced Statistics Module
  • Data compatibility (import & export)
  • Sample Management

Advanced supervisor functions include:

  • Unlimited number of Interview Stations
  • Benchmarking Indexer
  • Graphic design (Word compatible)
  • Charts and Tables
Pricelist for The Survey System