Download demo version

The download version is fully operational, but limited in the number of questions and holds 20 respondents, only

Make the following to test the evaluation version:
  1. Download Evaluation Edition (12 Mb). Run The exe file to install. Once the system is installed, you will find all information you need in the very comprehensive help file.
  2. Download the Setup.msi (0.2 Mb) to test The Survey System's PDA interview station. Use ActiveSync to install this on your PDA. The setup file includes one demo survey for the PDA. If you want to make different test surveys, you must use The Survey System to create these. The Evaluation Edition of the Survey System enables you to try all the functions of The Survey System. The download include:
  • The Survey System Evaluation Edition
  • The Survey System Step-by-Step Tutorial

There are limits in the Evaluation Edition to the number of questions possible and the amount of data that can be held.

Download the tutorial here:

Download the brand new XdA / Mobile - Microsoft approved Survey System here.

If you have any difficulty downloading your evaluation edition, do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel: +44 (0) 870 850 8588