Resources for Survey Researchers

The Survey System and Danesoft offers an expanding series of free aids for survey researchers.  The first is an online sample size calculator.  It can tell you how many people to interview to get a desired plus or minus figure for your surveys.  It can also tell you the plus or minus figure for a sample you already have.

Another page at this site reproduces an article explaining statistical significance. This article first appeared in our newsletter DataFile and has since been reprinted in several magazines.

Those new to survey research can find an introduction with many useful do's and don'ts on our survey design page.

Correlation is a statistical technique that can tell you if two variables are related.  Researchers who have not yet used this technique may find the correlation page useful.

In addition to software and information, Creative Research Systems also offers complete data processing and Web survey hosting services.

Another page at this site contains the names of some companies that provide interviewing services using The Survey System.

The Survey System users can get ideas and save typing by downloading sample question files.