Professional Reports

The Survey System's tables are camera-ready for professional presentations. This site features sample tables, charts, and other reports produced with this software.

You can produce many different kinds of tables. Most tables can have a "banner" format. A banner is an expansion of the cross-tabbing found in general statistics or database packages. Banners can show answers given by the entire sample and up to 60 sub-groups within the sample on the same page. The Professional Edition produces attractive reports showing the text of responses to open-ended questions.

Many options allow you to customize your reports and enhance their visual appeal:

  • Use different fonts for different parts of reports.
  • Frame tables with top and/or bottom lines on each page and grid lines.
  • Incorporate a logo or graphic in your tables.
  • Change the content and appearance of individual tables or apply changes globally.
  • Use different formats to customize the content and appearance of your tables.
  • Produce professional quality two- and three-dimensional graphics.
  • Show tables and charts on the same page or separately.
  • Create basic tables showing the answers to a single question or summary tables showing a series of related questions.
  • Rating scales or ranking questions can show means (averages) or distributions of answers.
  • Print questionnaire forms suitable for scanning.
  • Edit reports on-screen before printing or export them to other software via the Clipboard or various file formats.