PdA Module

The latest module is our PdA module which will allow you to conduct surveys in the field without paper and also allows you to receive live data from the field. The only survey software approved by Microsoft for their MS Pocket PC applications.

Web / Internet Module

A super-effective function which reduces your data collection time and costs to a minimum, if your respondents have access to the Internet. The Survey System's Internet Module handles both e-mail and Web page surveys.

Extra Interview Stations

There is no need to purchase a full analyst licence for each of your interviewers. An extra Interview Station for each is a much cheaper option.

Sample Management Module

When the Professional or Enterprise Edition of The Survey System is combined with Interview Stations and the Sample Management Module, you have a sophisticated CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) system which rivals other systems costing much mor

Voice Capture Module

The Voice Capture Module allows you to get a detailed impression of what your respondents really mean. You can record their answers in their own voices and incorporate them into your research presentation!

The Statistics Module

All Editions of The Survey System contain the most commonly used Statistics, such as Percents, Medians, Means, Standard Deviations, Standard Errors, Chi-squares and Differences between Proportions.

Benchmarking Indexer

The Survey System’s new Benchmarking Indexer produces reports which clearly quantify how a series of companies, departments, or products have been rated relative to each other or to industry benchmarks.