Sample Management Module

When The Survey System is combined with Interview Stations and the Sample Management Module, you have a sophisticated CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) system which rivals other systems costing much more.

Control of who is phoned:
You can import a list of phone numbers plus names and other information about your respondents. The Survey System presents telephone numbers to your interviewers for manual dialling or automatic dialling through a modem or ISDN connection. This module:

  • Registers the time and date of a call
  • Chooses random phone numbers from a list
  • Schedules calls by time zones
  • Presents all necessary information to interviewers - phone number, name and address and saves this information in a data set
  • Identifies the interviewer in the data set
  • Registers the result of every call, e.g. complete, schedule call back, busy, language problems, etc. In total there are 40 different result codes.
  • Handles call back agreements and reminds the interviewer about them
  • Provides statistics on the status of the data collection
  • Allows data to be viewed while interviewing is in progress

The Sample Management Module can automatically enforce quotas, based on pre-existing information or questions in the interview. This enables you to reach “difficult” respondent groups.

The Sample Management Module provides all interviewer administration:

  • Working hours (log on - log off)
  • Effective working hours (real interview time)
  • Success rate and bias
  • Specialist interviewers: Routing specific interviews to specific interviewers (e.g. difficult questionnaires, difficult respondents, language problems, etc.)

The Survey System handles an unlimited number of interviewers.

Data collected by different interviewers is saved directly to a joint server, so there is no risk of losing it.

Price is £ 2,250 excl. VAT

The Sample Management Module works with the Professional and Enterprise Editions of The Survey System.