Professional Edition

The Survey System's Professional Edition offers a complete set of question types and more answer choices.

The Professional Edition has features needed to handle any type of question. It also adds sophisticated logic to the data entry or interviewing process.

  • Ask up to 32,000 questions per survey,
  • Have an unlimited number of respondents,
  • Re-use templates, questions and instruction files,
  • Enter data,
  • Use common statistical tests,
  • Produce tables, reports and graphics,
  • Print questionnaires and results,
  • Export analysis and data to other common statistics programmes.

The Professional Editon can for multiple-choice questions:

  • Allow up to 500 answer choices per multiple-choice question
  • Group answers into Categories and Sub-categories
  • Note !   that Catergory Rows can reflect either Totals or Net Totals of teh individual answers, that is, an individual who chooses two answers in teh same category can be counted either as two responses or as one person.

The Professional Edition can for fill-in-the-blank questions:

  • Process large numbers
  • Handles and negative numbers up to 15 digits long
  • Gives Means, Totals, Standard Deviations, Standard Errors, t-test, etc.
  • Shows up to 100 variables per table. These tables are ideal for questions where the answers are exact values, such as miles, tonnes, litres, currency values or other numeric units.

The Professional Edition processes open questions with text answers. It: 

  • Record text answers
  • Classifies answers based on their content
  • Converts text answers to numeric data
  • Produces text reports classified by demographics and/or content
  • Performs word frequency counts and basic content analysis


Reports can group the answers based on their content and/or by demographic variables. Text answers can be coded by searching them for keywords or phrases. Where keyword coding is inappropriate, it can show each answer on the screen above a code sheet and let you pick the most appropriate codes. You can use the codes to group similar answers together in reports and as standard multiple-choice data.

The Professional Edition processes Instructional Questions

Questions which do not require answers, but give different instructions to respondents, Instructional Questions are ideal for combining training materials with questionnaires to create an effective distance-learning concept.

The Professional Edition Interviewing Logic

  • Creates automatic skip patterns
  • Randomises question and answer choice order
  • Shows images
  • Play sound (with the Voice Capture module)
  • Shows previous answers in the current question
  • Does computer-aided interviews (CATI, CAPI).
  • The Interview Style Data Entry feature that comes with the Basic Edition of The Survey System lacks some features needed for sophisticated telephone interviewing. This module adds those features. These include automatic question skipping (e.g., if "No" to this question, skip to Question X), consistency checking, randomisation of the order in which a group of questions is asked, randomisation of the order in which answer choices are presented, checking that the sum of several answers equals a specified number, and more.

    Using The Survey System for interviewing is one of the most efficient ways to collect and process questionnaire data, where you do not have to do things twice. The same instructions you create for questions in an interview also produce tables and graphics in a report. Since the data is saved direct to disk there is no need to complete a paper questionnaire and then enter it manually.