Advantages of WPS

Look at a comparison of website development and maintenance using WPS as against the traditional route.

WPS solution

Traditional website

Delivery time: 1 to 4 weeks

Delivery time: 3 to18 months

A finished product, with short-term, easily quantifiable costs.

Requires on-going investment and upkeep. Precise costs are difficult to estimate.

WPS is continuously and automatically updated with new features and modules.

Implementing new technology means you have to start from scratch again.

WPS is thoroughly tested and documented.

Often only limited or poor documentation is available.

No need for IT specialists – all changes can be made easily and quickly in a word- processor-type environment.

All changes must be carried out in HTML or by programmers and/or IT specialists.

Source code, design and content are kept separate.

Source code, design and content are inter-dependent.

You decide who undertakes maintenance and you have full control over who has access to which.

The webmaster has to undertake all maintenance. It is not possible to limit who has access to which areas of the site.

New modules and features can be integrated as your needs change.

New functions and features often require radical and fundamental changes to the system.

Website maintenance is simple enough to be carried out by everybody in your organisation.

Website must be maintained by IT specialists.

Maintenance costs are low and fixed.

Maintenance costs are high and variable.