Hosting Packages

Hosting and security
takes care of all security issues, hardware and software updates, and continuous back-ups. We do our utmost to ensure that your system is 100% operational, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We also take care of all general security issues (hackers and viruses) and keep your system protected and under surveillance at all times.

is recognised by the DINS (Danish Institute for Net Security) as a secure Content Management System solution.

All WPS websites are hosted by our trusted hosting partner, whose system meets the highest standards of secure facilities and service level agreements, as well as disaster recovery, support and round-the-clock surveillance of all our servers.

One of the most obvious advantages of the WPS system is that all maintenance of your website takes place online. 

The WPS system is being continually improved and enhanced. Clients are notified automatically when new updates are available for their system.

Naturally, all WPS-based websites and portals work on other platforms and browsers too.

Your WPS system will be hosted by bba enternet and their secure hosting-partner. The hosing fee includes; hosting, maintenance, back-up, help-desk and the first 100 MB of traffic.


Monthly fee

WPS Hosting:



Traffic costs:
0 - 100 MB traffic per month
additional traffic will be charged per MB usage at

£ 0

£ 0.18

Should you have large volumes of traffic we can offer you a dedicated server:

WPS Hosting - dedicated server:





Invoicing will be 3 months in advance for hosting and 3 months retrospectively for traffic costs. 

Prices are valid from 01.01.2009 until further notice at this site and do not include VAT.