WPSnet CMS Modules 

The modules are Plug'n'Play - easy, flexible and advanced

These modules are included in your WPS Basic solution! 
Please see further down for optional modules.


You are here!

Allows visitors to see where they are on the site and at any time navigate back to the previous section.


Enables visitors to search for words and phrases throughout the entire site.



Gives access to detailed statistical information about visitors to the website and their behaviour


Allows visitors to print content from the website without printing the whole page design.


FTP Folder

Allows users to upload or download files to or from the website or link to another location.

Recommend to a Friend

Makes it possible for visitors to send an article link to another person by e-mail.


Archive / History

Allows all previous versions of articles to be recorded and saved, so a previous version can be republished if necessary.



Following modules are optional

Auto Scroll

Provides an easy way of making the output more dynamic! Using segments of text, the Autoscroller can display these segments in a variety of different ways on the output. Text, pictures and flash animations can be inserted and also linked to any internal or external destination.







Enables visitors to subscribe to a single newsletter in plain text or HTML format. Newsletters can be distributed automatically at a specific time/date.

Advanced Newsletter
With our advanced Newsletter module visitors can subscribe to multiple news categories.



Allows display and management of banners to increase awareness of content you wish to promote. Banners also work as a dynamic part of the websites design.

Guest Book

Allows visitors to the website to leave comments and opinions. These can be published automatically or after reviewing.


Language version

Allows one or several language versions of the website. The visitor can choose which version via a drop down menu, a small flag icon or another graphic element. A language Version includes an extra administration license.


Online catalogue

Allows online display of your products with text, pictures and video or sound clips.
Visitors can easily search and browse through you products and see a presentation of each product. You can create as many products, categories and subcategories as you like.


Payment Gateway

Allows the E-shop to accept credit card payments. In order to accept a credit card on your website, you must have an agreement / contract with a payment gatewayinstitute. We recommend WorldPay for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and many more, but we can also make a custom- made integration to any other gateway of your preference.
The agreement with the payment gateway is an agreement directly between you and gateway institute.
WPS International is not part of this agreement. Subscription payment etc. has to be paid directly to the gateway institute.

E-shop – incl. online Catalogue

Allows on-line display of products, with descriptions, pictures, and video or sound clips. Orders can be placed by e-mail or via payment gateway by on-line credit card payment.
The E-shop module is an integrated part of the WPS system, so you can display you products in the online Shop, but you can also link to each product from any other page in the system or directly from other WPS Modules such as the Autoscroller or the Banner module.
You can configure you shop to operate with cart on some products and Quick-Buy on
others. Quick-buy means you can pay directly, passing the card. This means that e.g.
specials offers can be purchased directly from the front page, the autoscroller or from a banner.


Site map

Generates a dynamic view of the entire structure of the website and its content.

Multiple Shop ID

Some On-line shops need to operate with separate accounts for different products or product groups. This is possible with the Multiple Shop ID Add-on.



Enables you to set up single questions that visitors can reply to or vote for. The results can be integrated directly into the content.

Donation Add-on

Gives customers the option to pay a bacis price for an item, or give an additional charitable donation.


Survey Add-on

Allows surveys to be created combining several questions in a multiple-choice format. The results can be integrated directly into the content.

Event Calendar

Enables activities and events to be posted on the website to keep visitors informed.


Date and Time

Enables the date and time on the website to be shown as either the client time or the server timellows the creation of tips, hints or other information for the visitors. A random, new tip is shown every time the page is refreshed.

Members' area / Extranet

Makes it possible to limit access to certain content pages to specific member groups, enabling targeted communication with each group.download files to or from the website or link to another location.


Tip of the Day

Allows the creation of tips, hints or other information for the visitors. A random, new tip is shown every time the page is refreshed.


Sets up discussion groups between visitors, with access controlled by the editors.



Allows you to set up an email form with the questions you want your
visitors to answer and for a customized e-mail response to be sent directly from the website.

PDF search

Enables the users of your website to search all information in PDF documents via the standard search function. The search results are listet for easy overview.


Ekstra Services


Administration licenses

Allows multiple administrators and editors to maintain the website from anywhere. All that is required is a login password and an Internet connection!


Training course to handle the administratoin part and modules of the WPS solution.